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Power is and always has been in fragile balance. Human nature makes us ambitious and greedy. Dive into a high-seas adventure as a ship’s captain that must solve the problem of an imminent mutiny. Discover the secrets your sailors keep, and attain all the information needed to uncover the mutineer.

With Rats will kiss the gunner's daughter we’ve wanted to take on the challenge of generating a game with content created in a simple and functional way. Firstly, we turned the theme around, taking “you are running out of power” to mean the social kind of power, and not the mechanical or physical interpretation of the phrase that the mind first goes to. Also we’ve created a game environment that puts a lot of focus on human behaviour.

We hope you fully enjoy the experience and above all, that you make the mutineer kiss the gunner's daughter!

Game Instructions:

This game lasts 5 days. On the 6th day you will have to execute the mutineer. Every day you will ask each sailor on your ship a different question.

You’ll have three options:

Blue button: ask peacefully.

Red button: Use violence to get the information. This action will cost you a coin (to hire a bully).

Yellow button: Bribe the sailor to get the information. This action will cost you a coin.

Each day have two coins to spend. You can't save up coins to use the next day.


  • We  strongly recommend you to write down the information you acquire. These sailors will say many things and it may be hard to remember all of it.
  • Every time you play the game, the sailors will have a different name and appearance (face, head and body). Don't be afraid to give it a second try!
  • Extra point question: where is this ship exactly from?


  •  We have removed the unfinished language option (it was available in the windowed mode because it wasn't set at 16:9).

  • The game icon wasn't set correctly.

  • Now it is possible to see the results of the game: who was the  mutineer (in case you lose) and who were all the members of your crew (if you succeed).

  • The player can choose to execute a sailor anytime in the game, so you don't have to wait 5 days if you know who the mutineer is.

  • We've updated the font. The new one is quite a bit more readable.

  • 32 bit version

(and always remember to be a good captain!)


Rwktgd Updated 32/64.zip 15 MB
Rwktgd Original 64.rar 14 MB


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Arrr, you little scurvy rats that call themselves game developarrrs, you made a wonderful logic puzzle game. <3 It was really fun to play that game, because I think it wasn't too easy and also you have a certain own style of pixel art, which is great! :) That's why I wrote a little article about it and also uploaded a playthrough video. Thanks for this game, I had a blast - hoping to see more of you in the future! <3

Best wishes,


I really liked it, that was fun :)